Corazones de Alcachofa


“In most cases this is your first experience with electronic books, and you will not have heard the term ebook. As the little “e” to the left indicates, this is an electronic book.  Or better yet, a book that can be read electronically either on your computer or an electronic reading device.

While it may be too early to tell, it can be argued that the ebook may have as much influence on the publishing industry as Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press. Gutenberg allowed the creation of inexpensive, mass-produced books at a time when a single volume would literally be printed by hand by a single individual. Depending on the complexity, this process could take months if not years to complete.

Like Gutenberg, the ebook has the effect of lowering costs for the consumer as well as production costs. A combination of ebook technology and the Internet is allowing more and more voices to be read. Thousands of quality writers that were not being read are now finding a venue through ebooks.

eBooks also seem to be acquiring a visage of legitimacy among the literary world. For example, on March 14, 2000 Stephen King released Riding the Bullet exclusively as an ebook. In the first day alone he sold over 40,000 copies. As another example, the Frankfurt Book Fair established seven book awards for ebooks with a total of $100,000 in prizes. eBooks are a new frontier that is still in the process of being born. There are presently no standards for the design of an ebook, or implementation of the technology that it is dependent on. Since the form of the ebook changes and will change with the development of the technology that “presents” it, there is in reality a fluidity that must be taken into account and accepted until some type of standards are created”.                                                                   


Deron Douglas CEO & Publisher, Double Dragon Publishing


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